Ravenmac Pharma
  • Ravenmac Pharma Mission Ravenmac mission is to dedicate itself to adding exceptional value through the creation of innovative medical products and services for the benefit of the medical community and human health.
  • Ravenmac Pharma Vision Creation of a high-touch business force through the implementation of management practices that start with people (humanism) and empowerment.
  • Ravenmac Pharma Marketing Style We believe that meeting the deadlines is not good enough, beating the deadlines is our expectations. Strong Ethical values coupled with team performance are Keys to company success.
  • Career At Ravenmac Pharma Ravenmac Pharma is an Equal Opportunity Employer and complies with all applicable national, state, and local laws regarding non discrimination.
  • Why To Go For Ravenmac Ravenmac strive to provide customers with quality products that exceeds their expectations. We achieve this through our Quality Assurance program.
Raven Mac Pharma

Ravenmac Pharma Corporate Profile

Ravenmac Pharma since its incorporation has enhanced its competitive position in the pharma market through its focussed approach.

Ravenmac Pharma is proud introducer of certain GMP certified Patent and Proprietary formulations.

Ravenmac Pharma has a powerful element of social responsibility inscribed in its' values and its' concern for the society beyond its' business motives.

Alleviation of the sufferings of mankind, availability of the medicines to all at affordable price without any discrimination and continued efforts to improve the quality of the medicines, are our values and mission. The company's principal activity is manufacturing of Pharmaceutical products for multiple therapeautic fields.

Ravenmac Pharma operates in total compliance with the GMP norms set by the W.H.O., Customer satisfaction has always drawn CPL strategies and attitudes. From the very beginning the company committed itself to supplying consumers with reliable medicaments, combining effectiveness, quality safety and competitive prices.

Ravenmac Pharma is an established & experienced company marketing finished formulations & Personal care products. It currently has a highly skilled work force of dynamic persons.

Ravenmac Pharma is a dynamic & a optimistic player in the pharma industry , having vision to create a truly international Pharma company that would address complete Pharma needs . The group is managed by the hardcore professionals of the Pharma industry & got the vast experience with unmatched expertise to achieve the strategic goals .

Ravenmac Pharma is enjoying a very high reputation among the medical fraternity.


An organization’s capabilities and intent are strongly reflected in the products it manufactures. In other words, the manufacturing competencies and facilities should by echo truly, the R & D extent and the ability to implement it for the best of the market it targets. Our various manufacturing partners are certified by ISO 9001:2000, and WHO GMP standards.
Our manufacturing facilities confirm to the highest international standards and stringent guidelines as laid down by the World Health Organization current Good Manufacturing Practices, quality control, hygiene, safety, pollution control and environment friendly. Our manufacturing capacities facilitates the manufacturing of all kind of pharmaceutical formulations like tablets, capsules , dry powders, oral liquids, parenterals etc

Research And Developement

Research and Development is a part of our strategy to become an integrated pharmaceutical industry. We believe R & D is of critical importance in our need to grow in the area of biotechnology and original drug research

Formulation Development :

The aim here is to devise formulations and dosage forms for new drugs to be introduced and to make variants of particular dosage forms. Another objective is to introduce drug combinations by understanding the mechanism of the interaction and the combined effects in increasing intensity of response , in decreasing untoward actions and in altering absorption.

New Drug delivery System :

The development of new delivery systems like nanoparticles and controlled drug delivery systems to ensure better compliance , less total drug, efficiency in treatment and economy.

Bio-equivalence studies :

Ravenmac Pharma is driven by it Vision to achieve significant business in proprietary prescription products with a strong presence in the pharma market. Ravenmac Pharma is eyeing upon better health achievement through effective and safe medicines based on technological innovation. Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business.

Process Developement:

One of our key objectives has been to develop indigenous processes for new drugs introduced in the developed countries, produce and introduce them in lots of countries and promptly supply them to non-regulatory markets.